Our Mission

The purpose of the JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation is to contribute to a sustainable natural environment and the coexistence of humans and animals by supporting organisations involved in animal protection and environmental conservation. By promoting such activities, we will contribute to raising awareness for environmental and animal protection in Japan.

Background and Purpose of Establishment

Hiromi Tazaki, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of JAC Recruitment the founder and president of the foundation, had been very impressed by the animal protection organisations within the UK during her many years spent living there, especially the culture and willingness of people to participate in volunteer activities for animal welfare.

From that time it became her mission to make animal welfare and environmental protection in Japan reach to the same level as that of other advanced countries and she started considering the establishment of a foundation for animal welfare and natural environment protection in Japan.

After working out a plan she dedicated many years to expanding her own business to build up funding for the foundation. In March of 2022, she achieved her dream and established the JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation with the motto - With the belief that “Wealth created through the development of the economy returns to the earth”, we will dedicate all our strength to lead to a fundamental change of the protection of nature, animal, and environment in Japan.

Photo : (C)Kojo Tanaka